Childhood Ruined Again.

So am I sad that I never got my Ilvermorny letter?


I asked my boyfriend if he thought the word sounded as contrived as “No-Maj” and he said, “Oh much worse.” I think I agree.

Yes, I know that JK Rowling made up everything in the Harry Potter universe and a lot of HP words sound a little ridiculous… but “Ilvermorny” looks like the word your drunk friend tried to get away with playing at the end of your Scrabble game. “It could be a word! Ju…jus look it up. It’s like a town in New England. Swear to God yo…”

I so envy my 14-year-old self’s ignorance of the extended Harry Potter universe. Maybe this is just a sign that I’m getting too old for change… but I still think JK Rowling is getting lazy.


Just… No…

Apparently JK Rowling, author of my favorite book series and a woman I love and admire, has revealed something stupid about the extended Harry Potter universe yet again.

She’s announced that American wizards don’t use the world “Muggle” to describe non-magical people. Okay, dope. I can believe it. Americans use a lot of different words than British people, and Muggle does have a sort of English ring to it. So lay it on me, as an American and non-witch, what should I be calling myself?

A “No-Maj”……………………..?


It’s short for non-magical?? Get it? Cuz Americans like them short and snappy, non-intelligent, non-creative street slang.


No, no I’m not saying she’s trying to offend Americans by calling us stupid… I think more highly of her than that. But am I little offended? Sheeyah. And mostly by how lazy and inconsiderate she’s been with her extended universe stuff as of late. Y’all remember in February 2014 when she revealed that she thought Hermione and Ron would have a bad marriage? And a little earlier than that when she said that she thought about killing off Ron at some point? (Poor Ron. He needs a hug.) It’s fine if you think all of that Jo, but there comes a point when expanding the universe just makes your readers dislike your books more than they use to. I’m not too sure why, maybe it’s because she doesn’t have an editor telling her what to do. I do get why it’s hard for her to keep her thoughts on Harry’s future/past/etc quiet. Harry Potter has been her baby for decades, and I would imagine it’s hard to stop writing about said baby. And if you like all of this extended universe stuff, and you think it’s all official, cool. But don’t shove your religious beliefs down my throat.

So I’m going to continue calling myself a Muggle, thanks.


Current Thoughts on the Publication of Go Set A Watchman

I just don’t know if I can do it, guys.

I’d originally planned on reading Go Set A Watchman in spite of the controversy. Are Harper Lee’s publishers taking advantage of her senility? I don’t know. I think there are good reasons to believe that she knows what’s up, and good reasons to believe that she doesn’t. Either way, I was so curious, I didn’t think I’d be able to resist opening this book. But now that early reviews are out, I’m leaning towards a “nope.”

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