Childhood Ruined Again.

So am I sad that I never got my Ilvermorny letter?


I asked my boyfriend if he thought the word sounded as contrived as “No-Maj” and he said, “Oh much worse.” I think I agree.

Yes, I know that JK Rowling made up everything in the Harry Potter universe and a lot of HP words sound a little ridiculous… but “Ilvermorny” looks like the word your drunk friend tried to get away with playing at the end of your Scrabble game. “It could be a word! Ju…jus look it up. It’s like a town in New England. Swear to God yo…”

I so envy my 14-year-old self’s ignorance of the extended Harry Potter universe. Maybe this is just a sign that I’m getting too old for change… but I still think JK Rowling is getting lazy.


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