A Not So Phony Cancer Book: Me and Earl and The Dying Girl book review

4.5/5 Stars 

Of all the Young Adult books that I’ve read that try to be The Catcher in the Rye, this one’s the most successful. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is very funny, but underneath the humor it’s disturbingly nihilistic. Believe the blurb on the back of your paperback—this really is unlike any other “cancer book” you’ve read.

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Being a recent college graduate feels like…

  • Reading the first chapter of a book that you’re not sure you’ll like
  • Being in the middle of the first hill on a roller coaster,¬†(or waiting in line for the high dive)
  • Watching those pre-previews, movie theater promotional crap
  • Waiting to find out if that strep-throat test was positive
  • Trying to fall asleep the night before your first day of school
  • An awkward first date
  • Wrestling with a very slow internet connection
  • When it rains on your first day at the beach
  • A 7 hour car ride to grandma’s
  • Trying to write an introduction to what is sure to become a very long essay

How do I start this thing?

I’ve been eager to start a blog for MONTHS now. I knew that I should wait until I graduated, so it wouldn’t distract me from my schoolwork. Well, schoolwork is now no more. I am now a young alumni of The University of Virginia, wobbling around on her scrawny, 22-year-old, effectively unemployed legs.

I waited over a week to kickstart my blog mostly because I was dreading this first “welcome to my blog, this is why I wants to be blogger” post. I don’t have a set goal in mind. I just want to share some of my creative musings to my friends, family, and potential employers. Here’s what to expect:

  • Book reviews
  • Film reviews
  • Advice on how to deal with being in your early-twenties and scared to death, (because the internet really needs more of this stuff).
  • Some liberal political business
  • Short stories and flash fictions
  • Fun, better-than-Buzzfeed lists
  • Maybe some photos if I ever learn how to take good ones

So stay tuned. I’m looking forward to this.